Champion of the short story and its derivatives, Raging Aardvark Publishing aims to provide a space for emerging writers to demonstrate their talents to a wider community. Totally passionate about the short story form and ways to support the creative process it’s our goal to foster positive growth within the international writers community for these authors. Aligned with our passion for the short story form, is the recognition of individual growth and self development and the ways in which these processes can be shared with a wider audience. Far more than stock standard ‘self help’ books, Raging Aardvark Publishing aims to present stories, methods and guides for self expansion in a more creative manner.

Raging Aardvark Publishing is a new indie press based in Australia. Although primarily set up in order to publish the CYOA (Choose Your Online Adventures) collaborative projects, Raging Aardvark Publications have expanded into anthologies of short stories, flash fiction and poetry as well as delving into Non-Fiction.

If it’s edgy, off kilter or something that lives out on the fringes, then this is the place to submit it.  We are committed to sourcing a wide range of cross genre fiction which not only pushes the boundaries but stirs the emotions in our readers. Non fiction themes exploring living an authentic life, balancing the challenges of the 21st Century and relationships, will be considered for future publication.

Specific call outs will be posted on the competitions and submissions pages. If your submission not for us, then we are happy to suggest other indie publishers to you and try and help you find a good home for your precious words.

Raging Aardvark Publishing is a small, but passionate press, entranced by the opportunities digital and print-on-demand technology presents to authors.  We pay writers upon publication and stress that we are NOT a vanity press. Contributors will never be asked for any form of payment or fees for reading. Occasionally submissions may be of interest to us, but before further consideration, require editing and proofreading. This will be up to the author to decide, source and deal with the professionals they may require to bring their work up to a publishable standard.