Twisted Tales 2016 – Longlist

We have 26 wonderful Flash Fiction stories which have made the first brutal cut in the selection process. With a huge response and such high quality entries, its made choosing entries difficult. Congratulations to all those who are listed below. A short list is expected within a fortnight.

Peoples Choice is a fun (voluntary) competition run parallel to Twisted Tales in conjunction with and is open to all entrants who submitted a flash fiction with Twisted Tales this year. Entries who have opted to join this competition, will be uploaded as individual posts on the 22nd June.  Flash Fiction will be available to read here 

A survey will collect votes from the 22nd of June till the 10th of July.

Please follow this link which will take you to a poll to vote.

In no particular order, these are the Flash Fiction stories which have made the long list.


Boxed In by Emily Forster

Caroom! by E. W. Farnsworth.

Mischief Night  by  Phil Rossi

Calling Medic One by Sam Adamson

What Comes Round Goes Round by Oona V Joslin

Mirror by Catherine Russell

Sky by Kate Murray

Plasma Rifle Etiquette by Heather Harris McFarlane

A Yellow Star by Sylvia Petter

Children’s Games by Alyson Faye

Coming Home by Joy Manne

Coming Undone by Epiphany Ferrell

Community Service by Susan Howe

Flexible Flyer by Kate Abbott

It Would be a Waste by Wondra Vanian

Mystery Mail by Jodie How

Norfolk by Christopher Stanley

Pumpkin by Jon Stubbington

Retail Therapy by Keith Gillison

Room 14 by Walburga Appleseed

Scatterlings by Carleton Chinner

The F Word by Keith Gillison

The Light Below by Paul Gray

The Note by John Holland

The Third Sphere by Lindsay McLeod

Little Wing by Phil Rossi