Line Up

Twisted Tales 2016 – Line up 

Congratulations to the following authors who have been selected to appear  in this years Twisted Tales Anthology.

This was an extremely tight competition and judged by top judges who specialise in the short story form. The judges have enjoyed reading all the stories and after deliberation, have produced our choices, based on a judging matrix.

The Peoples Choice  and Judges Choice story is drawn from the entire submission list and may or may not be within the top 20 stories,  as it is judged separately under different conditions. The Peoples Choice Story will appear as the first story in the anthology, with the Judges choice being the second.

Peoples Choice ( as voted by the readers)  for Twisted Tales 2016 goes to   Jodie How with her story, “Mystery Mail“.

It was an extremely tough decision had to be made to select the Judges Choice. For the first time in our 5 years, both Peoples Choice and Judges Choice have been awarded to the same story. The delicious twist and intrigue of  “Mystery Mail” by Jodie How will be honoured as first in the anthology.

This list will appear both here and on the facebook pages and will be tweeted to congratulate those involved.  Titles appear in a random order and may not reflect the order which they will be placed in the anthology.

 After enormous deliberation, we have ‘twisted the rules’ given the incredible stories submitted. Normally the top 12 are published, however, we could not separate some of the stories and feel these top stories deserve to be published.
Congratulations to all.
Mystery Mail by Jodie How
Norfolk by Christopher Stanley
Retail Therapy by Keith Gillison
Children’s Games by Alyson Faye
Coming Undone by Epiphany Ferrell
The Note by John Holland
Pumpkin by Jon Stubbington
Boxed In by Emily Forster
Scatterlings by Carleton Chinner
The Third Sphere by Lindsay McLeod
The Light Below by Paul Gray
Caroom! by E. W. Farnsworth
Coming Home by Joy Manne
Community Service by Susan Howe
Publication is expected in mid November.
Leading up to publication, interviews with the authors, will be posted here every week.